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AnimEvent Class Reference

Animation event. More...

#include <events.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AnimEvent (Object *obj, Uint16 length, Uint16 edelay=0, Uint32 switchstate=NOTHING, Mix_Chunk *asound=NULL, EmptyAnimationPtr runanim=EmptyAnimationPtr())
virtual Uint16 update (Uint16 dt)
 Updates the events.
virtual void start ()
virtual void end ()
virtual void cancel ()

Protected Attributes

EmptyAnimationPtr anim
Mix_Chunk * sound

Detailed Description

Animation event.

An animated effect that usually ends when the animation is finnished.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AnimEvent::AnimEvent Object obj,
Uint16  length,
Uint16  edelay = 0,
Uint32  switchstate = NOTHING,
Mix_Chunk *  asound = NULL,
EmptyAnimationPtr  runanim = EmptyAnimationPtr()

obj Owner object of the AnimEvent
length Duration of the animation, once it's started
edelay Delay until the animation is started
switchstate States that will be switched when the animation starts/ends
asound Sound (Mix_Chunk) to be played when the event starts
runanim Animation to be run when the event starts
Get rid of the delanim parameter

Member Function Documentation

virtual Uint16 AnimEvent::update Uint16  dt  )  [virtual]

Updates the events.

Event state: either delayed (EV_DELAY), starting (EV_START), running (EV_RUN), stopping (EV_END) or canceled (EV_CANCEL)

Reimplemented from Event.

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