Syndicate::Data::Font::Data Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

struct {
   le_uint16_t   _offset
   le_uint8_t   _width
   le_uint8_t   _height
   le_uint8_t   _line_offset
_tab [_nb_fonts]
le_uint8_t _data []

Detailed Description

The data array is

Member Data Documentation

le_uint16_t Syndicate::Data::Font::Data::_offset

le_uint8_t Syndicate::Data::Font::Data::_width

le_uint8_t Syndicate::Data::Font::Data::_height

le_uint8_t Syndicate::Data::Font::Data::_line_offset

struct { ... } Syndicate::Data::Font::Data::_tab[_nb_fonts]

le_uint8_t Syndicate::Data::Font::Data::_data[]

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