Syndicate::Data::MapSubTile Class Reference

#include <Syndicate/Data/MapSubTile.h>

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Public Member Functions

template<typename TColors>
void get (TColors *subtile, unsigned pitch=_width, const TColors *colors=Colors< TColors >::_default) const

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned _width = Block32::_width
static const unsigned _height = 16

Private Attributes

Block32 _lines [_height]

Member Function Documentation

template<typename TColors>
void Syndicate::Data::MapSubTile::get ( TColors *  subtile,
unsigned  pitch = _width,
const TColors *  colors = Colors< TColors >::_default 
) const [inline]

This method extract pixels of the subtile in the subtile array of uint8_t (palettized) or uint32_t (4bpp).

[out] subtile array of pixels where the data should be stored
[in] pitch length of a scanline of tile in bytes
[in] colors lut for mapping palette indexes on the format of pixels

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned Syndicate::Data::MapSubTile::_width = Block32::_width [static]

const unsigned Syndicate::Data::MapSubTile::_height = 16 [static]

Block32 Syndicate::Data::MapSubTile::_lines[_height] [private]

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