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Sun Mar 7 07:00:44 EST 2010

Because of my dual-monitor setup I have the luxury of running two X
servers instead of doing some casual setup with Nvidia Twinview to
stitch the screens together.  I did manage Twinview for a while where
I was playing UT2004 on the main monitor (I had it configured to shut
off the second when a fullscreen app took hold--forget how >.<).
Anyway, I could watch IRC or some business chat on the smaller monitor
when running separate X servers, then have the game on the primary.
Since no one who develops games for Linux seems to put in the time for
that minimize functionality. >.<  (Of course, I have very little
experience with SDL or OpenGL, but a friend who does this sort of
thing regularly says it's no problem.)  The minimizing of apps has
always seemed like the one thing that would make gaming on Windows
more pleasant.  But if that became the norm for a healthy
"featureset", then I would definitely agree that gaming on Linux is a
lot more interesting.  On Windows I used a constant 1GB of RAM, each
core of my quad running at around... what 4-8%?  I mean, Jesus.  The
point at which I can tune Linux to do whatever I want is amazing.  I
myself am a tiling-window manager fanatic on Linux.  I can be running
everything comfortably with just the keyboard (without the game
launched) at under 100MB of RAM and without even registering any CPU
usage on `top' or `uptime'.  If people only knew how capable their
hardware was on Linux... before having to sweep that money under the
rug to beat the upgrade curve for some new graying shooter on
Windows....  UT3 on Linux definitely would have outlived it's
projected lifespan for popular gaming.  Oh well, there loss, not
ours... have you tried this game? :)


The great part is it only requires Flash, the second benefit is you
can't hold back something fantastically gay and entertaining with
legal battles.  It's strangely addicting, like whiney posts on this
mailinglist and butterscotch cookies.

Regards :)

On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 1:29 AM, Keith Z-G <keithzg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Back in the day when I was still bothering to play it (well, mostly by
> that point I was playing ETQW to be honest) I'd just start a new
> session in Openbox instead of KDE or Gnome; that way there's
> definitely no desktop effects or notifications or whateverthehell else
> to get in the way.  If I wasn't doing anything else I'd just quit my
> main desktop session and run *only* an Openbox session.
> Actually when you think about it it's kindof ironic how much gaming
> companies and die-hards hate/ignore Linux; with Linux you can very
> quickly just boot up a computer to be running only what you need to
> play a game and absolutely nothing more.  All that tweaking and
> optimizing effort that the 1337 gamers do and they're still running
> things on a one-size-fits-all bloated OS, with all their fiddling
> amounting to mere fractions of percentage points of difference.
> It's always funny when now and then Wine runs a game with few enough
> big compatibility issues that it ends up running it *faster* than
> native Windows does, which I've seen happen.  And in my experience at
> least on the same PC back when the game was new UT2004 ran far better
> on  Kubuntu than Windows XP.
> And I'm sure if Ryan got to release his binaries UT3'd run better on
> the latest Linux kernel than on Windows 7, but we'll never know
> because of mysterious legal bullshit.  Sigh.  At this point I honestly
> probably care more about finding out in truth what's holding up UT3
> than actually playing it, although I'll stand by my word and buy it
> the very same day if the Linux client is ever actually released.
> On Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 11:44 AM, Ryan <debian.moment at gmail.com> wrote:
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