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Thomas Ilnseher ilnseher at eit.uni-kl.de
Tue Feb 10 08:50:28 EST 2009

Am Dienstag, den 10.02.2009, 14:19 +0100 schrieb Tony Bassette:
> Damn yeah I mean "sent" sorry.
> I agree with the fact that there is no technical limit. 
> But will you continue to say : the game is working fine after
> discovering 
> for example that the client is not network compatible with win32, or
> you 
> find some nasty bugs like in the serious sam series,or like in UT2K3
> when the linux client provided with the CD was barely playable compare
> to
> the windows client (By the way, I'm not sending rocks to Ryan, he is
> godlike :D)
> and we had to wait for (damn memory) 2 to 4 patches to be able to play
> nicely 
> to the game.
> We have nothing tangible to say so except the fact that we are able to
> play
> with previous versions of UT, and we are expecting the same for this
> one.
Jeah, shit, I still can play ut2k4, and that's just what I do. Period.
There was some sucking time when some of my clanmates started to play
ut3 (but not all of them), but that period of time is over now. Their
conclusion was that UT3 sucks big time.

So I don't give too much on UT3 now. (I'd still buy it to play throu
single player if it's ever released for linux, thou)
> if I'm not clear enough, just ignore my post ;)
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>         > Ok Ryan send some nice screen shots showing the client
>         working.
>         Here they are:
>         http://icculus.org/cgi-bin/finger/finger.pl?user=icculus&date=2008-09-18&time=06-38-30
>         (or you meant "sent" instead? Anyway.)
>         The existence of a working client means that there is no
>         technical
>         limit to release that baby. So it's all stupid legal issues.
>         And IMHO
>         one can neighter say how long legal issues take to be
>         resolved, nor if
>         they can ever be resolved.
>         Best,
>         Daniel
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