[ut3] Thank you!!

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sun Jan 13 02:53:48 EST 2008

> I sent my resume to Epic ... HR told me to learn UScript (I am more 
> interested in the engine and lower level stuff). The way I am heading is 
> towards Windows SA ... and I don't like it. :(

UnrealScript is always the gateway, since you can write mods with the 
existing games to put together a portfolio to get a job. Unless you have 
a lot of shipped titles on your resume, Epic probably won't talk to you 
without UnrealScript experience.

Even the C++ engine developers at Epic write a LOT of script code. 
There's really no avoiding it. A lot of effort is put into implementing 
functionality in scripts, and only calling into C++ when you need native 
code for speed or OS facilities.

Pretty much every big game shop on the planet is using Unreal, and all 
of them need more talent than is available in the pool. If you want to 
be a game developer, UnrealScript experience is very very valuable right 


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