[ut3] UT3 Linux Projekt an "Pet" Projekt?

Maximilian Güntner beomuex at gmx.de
Mon Apr 7 14:37:56 EDT 2008

You're right.
Same for me.Why are people asking every two weeks, "Ryan, how far are you?"
Then there's every time this boring discussion: "What is Ryan doing and 
what is Microsoft's role in it?"
I think when Ryan has finished the client, he'll tell us (as he said) 
I suggest for the meanwhile, go playing UT2004, CSS (with wine) or ET:QW 
which has recieved in my eyes one of the best Linux clients 
ever.(besides UT2004)
I hope now we can close this useless mail.
Nevertheless, keep on scripting, Ryan



Kevin Podbielniak schrieb:
> To be honest, if this "hellstorm" happens every few weeks/month, then 
> obviously people are starving for an update on whether the linux port 
> is going to happen.  Yes it would be nice to know if it is still being 
> worked on, or if it has been scrapped altogether.
> If we are told that the Linux client has been scrapped, then the 
> "hellstorm" will no longer come around, as it will be put to rest.  If 
> *nothing* is said about the linux project, and the last word that we 
> got was "It's being worked on", the we are still assuming it's going 
> to happen.
> As for me, it would be nice to check it under linux, but until that 
> day arrives, I'll occupy my time with something else.
> --kevin

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