[ut3] Linux Client

Lupine thelupine at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 08:12:30 EDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 21:36 -0400, [Apoc]Death wrote:
> "Ignore him, Ryan...  He is a foooooooooool."

> birthday.  No, holding your breath till you turn blue or throwing a  
> temper tantrum will not make it arrive any faster.  I'm sure you're  
> all big boys, so you should know better.

> anticipation...  Perhaps you might learn something...

Thanks for the personal attacks, even though I did not personally attack
any one person.  My distaste was aimed at Epic.  Having found out that
the Linux version will NOT be in the box, unlike it was for the UT2k4
release....is truly a step BACKWARDS in my mind....and hence, the "bang
up job" comment.  I'm sorry, but backwards progress is backwards

It is MY money I will be giving to Epic...well, was...so I EXPECT, not
want, but EXPECT to get what I paid for.  Now, unfortunately, this can
never happen.  With 2k4, it was at least satisfying that the tux logo
was on the box and the install files was on the DVD....because in my
mind, THAT is what I was paying for.  If anything, Linux has GAINED
popularity, but obviously not according to Epic and their one man
crusade to get a client out....hence, the "truly sad" comment.

Truly sorry that my OPINION of Epic's lack-o-efforts for Linux feels
like a slap in the face.


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