[ut3] Linux Client

Bensch Blaser g-news at freesurf.ch
Fri Oct 26 04:28:38 EDT 2007

What on earth makes you think there are FAR more Linux gamers than  
there are Mac gamers?
Last time I checked we Mac users had around 8% market share, and that  
translates to about 7.95% marketshare in the enduser space (as  
opposed to servers). Are you trying to tell me there are more than 8%  
enduser, non-server Linux boxes?
Really, you should be damn glad ANYONE even cares about linux client  
support. I sure am happy to see the Mac supported.
And judging from UT 2003 testing I can also tell you that Ryan is the  
man to handle it.

Calm down!


On 25.10.2007, at 21:44, Lupine wrote:

> On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 16:22 -0300, Antonio Augusto (Mancha) wrote:
>> Ryan is working on it, and, AFAIK, he is the only one working on  
>> it in
>> fact. So it may be a some time after the windows release so we can  
>> see
>> the Linux final version.
> ...and how truly sad that is too.  It's obvious that Linux users  
> FAR out
> weigh the Mac users.....but yet we have to wait.  Atta boy there Epic,
> keep up the bang up job!
> O'well, back to Quake Wars....at least it finally has a Linux  
> client :-/
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