[ut3] Dropped Players & Cant Reconnect problem

-gizZMo- lord.of.destruction at gmx.co.uk
Fri Oct 19 16:05:14 EDT 2007

> It seems these type of emails are being ignored.   I have the same issue.

this is exactly what makes me distraught about the whole situation..

tons of mails and threads about the same (linux specific) problem,
but no "official" reaction.. neither on epicgames- nor on icculus-list.

for instance: "we know about this problem and there is nothing
you (admins) can do about it - wait for a fix. it's done when it's done."
there's only rumors and speculation - but nothing we can hold on to..

anyway the whole circumstances seem to be pretty bad as joe has
some family issues and ryan's skills are needed on several sites..

so i suppose we just gotta hold still and play minesweeper or 
something *G*

so long,

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