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Thu Oct 18 21:18:54 EDT 2007


my multihome is working here !

Init: Command line: 
?GameMode=0?AdminPassword=nlsrcon -log=DedicatedServer.log -login=xxxxx

in netstat:

udp        0      0       
*:*                                     31837/ut3demo-bin
udp        0      0        
*:*                                     31837/ut3demo-bin

yes, the correct IP !

The trick is to separarate multihome=IP|SPACE!!!!!|?  like this:   
?BLABLABLA_somevar?multihome= ?

it works for me, but I have the linux crash ( I copied to UT*.ini as
they said )

And another problem for me, how to change the host name.. it seems that
it gets my Account name :(

Hope this will help,


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NewLight Systems
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