[ut3] Older Linux Servers

Mike Buderath | Net Tuning Group m.buderath at nettuning.nl
Thu Oct 18 11:49:01 EDT 2007


When you started UT3 just hit ctrl + ~ to open the console. Then you type:
open ip.ip.ip and that’s it! If it's a linux server stop bothering, cause it
won’t work longer than 1 mapcycle and then youre server will disconnect
everyone and become unreachable.


Ryan, is there any news or info about the linux crash problems everyone is
experiencing? Or you don’t know either?


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Thanks everyone, 

     Jan, How do you connect directly to an IP from the UT3 client?  I
find it in the GUI as an option.  Is there a ~ command to do this?

Let me get this right,  The only ports that you have seen that need to be
forwarded is 13000 and 7777 for the server.  I have to go back and double
check, because friends can see the server in the list but never connect the
way it is set up currently (unless of course I take my router out of the

Thanks again,

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Arnaud De Mouhy wrote:
> Its completely random for the client. Only the server has to have a 
> fixed port. This is a fundamental of NAT/PAT :)
> Arnaud
> Le 19 oct. 07 à 16:27, Sander a écrit :
>> cdx wrote:
>>> Hi Cory,
>>> netstat -nap will tell you this
>>> 1 udp 0 0* 2644/ut3demo-bin
>>> 2 udp 0 0* 2644/ut3demo-bin
>>> 3 tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2644/ut3demo-bin
>>> 4 udp 0 0* 2644/ut3demo-bin
>>> 5 tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED 
>>> 2644/ut3demo-bin
>>> 1 and 2 are fixed ports, 3 and 4 are random (and afaik can not be 
>>> fixed in the linux version), but not needed for establishing 
>>> connections from the internet, but i dont know if the server will 
>>> appear on the list
>>> 5 is afaik just the connection to the master server
>>> i only forward 1 and 2, because its a private clanserver, and 
>>> therefor its not important to be listet in the server list
>>> sorry for my bad english
>>> best regards
>>> Jan

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