[ut3] gamespy

Robert Larkin manifold at manifoldone.com
Tue Oct 16 14:57:19 EDT 2007

Matthias Bach wrote:
> Hi!
> Am Dienstag 16 Oktober 2007 schrieb Alan H. Gifford:
>> Here's a question, why is GameSpy something I should care about?
> Well, you are not the only person asking that question.
>> What if I want to play on a LAN?  Will it allow me to set up on a LAN
>> that's disconnected from the Internet?  I would hope so.  I really
>> dislike all the software moving toward a point that almost nothing but
>> the bare essentials will work without Internet access.  It's very weak.
> Well, I hope so! However it sadly seems to become more and more a fact that 
> anything you are told you are bying you are actually just gaining a temporary 
> license to. I mean, what if for some reason gamespy decides no longer to 
> support UT? I know this is unlikely, but for less popular games it has 
> happend. I mean, where I leave you are not even allowed to backup your audio 
> CD or DVD if they have a technically effective copy protection aka 
> Multisession or CSS, I mean, this is a joke, right? :( And that albait the 
> fact that it is know that optical disks tend to fall apart on a O(10) 
> timescale which is exactly why every game company and any music producer has 
> to give a non-copy-protected version to the national library.
> Just my 2 €-cent. And yes, I know it's ranting in the wrong place, but it's a 
> thing that pisses me off. It's not fair to SELL me something if it's acutally 
> only being lend with special conditions. And software activation or 
> enforerced registration for internet accounts is just the next one along this 
> line. I mean, there are already games that can no longer be played because 
> the registration servers don't work any longer.
> Well, as long as the gamespy thing is an extra it's great. If there is no 
> open-internet game it's a rippof.
> I'll shut up now,
> Regards,
> Matthias
The gamespy login and the menus in general are such a regression for
this game.  I can't think of any reason for gamespy to be involved at
all actually.  I don't think it's copy protection because they had/have
that in ut2004 don't they?  At least I think so, didn't the master
server validate keys?  The ut2004 menu was really intuitive, this one is
like the flash website from hell.

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