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Matthias Bach marix at marix.org
Tue Oct 16 13:11:39 EDT 2007


Am Dienstag 16 Oktober 2007 schrieb Alan H. Gifford:
> Here's a question, why is GameSpy something I should care about?

Well, you are not the only person asking that question.

> What if I want to play on a LAN?  Will it allow me to set up on a LAN
> that's disconnected from the Internet?  I would hope so.  I really
> dislike all the software moving toward a point that almost nothing but
> the bare essentials will work without Internet access.  It's very weak.

Well, I hope so! However it sadly seems to become more and more a fact that 
anything you are told you are bying you are actually just gaining a temporary 
license to. I mean, what if for some reason gamespy decides no longer to 
support UT? I know this is unlikely, but for less popular games it has 
happend. I mean, where I leave you are not even allowed to backup your audio 
CD or DVD if they have a technically effective copy protection aka 
Multisession or CSS, I mean, this is a joke, right? :( And that albait the 
fact that it is know that optical disks tend to fall apart on a O(10) 
timescale which is exactly why every game company and any music producer has 
to give a non-copy-protected version to the national library.

Just my 2 €-cent. And yes, I know it's ranting in the wrong place, but it's a 
thing that pisses me off. It's not fair to SELL me something if it's acutally 
only being lend with special conditions. And software activation or 
enforerced registration for internet accounts is just the next one along this 
line. I mean, there are already games that can no longer be played because 
the registration servers don't work any longer.

Well, as long as the gamespy thing is an extra it's great. If there is no 
open-internet game it's a rippof.

I'll shut up now,
Matthias Bach

"Was nicht mit einer gewissen Unsicherheit behaftet ist,
 kann unmöglich die Wahrheit sein." - Richard P. Feynman
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