[ut3] Admin bashing... Is it really needed?

D.Terweij | NTG-Support d.terweij at nettuning.net
Tue Oct 16 13:33:38 EDT 2007

From: Alex Boag-Munroe
>Bash isn't new.

It was also new for you when you started/tried linux.
I bet even you do man and how-to lookups because nobody on the planet can 
have all linux basics in his head :)
Even you did do stupid things in the past right? For all things there is a 
first touch.

But i do agree to not play with beta things if youre a so called newbee in 
the linux world. But this beta is a game. And gamers want to play and test, 
they want to be the first with advanced skills to play the game and form a 
sort of gameclan. As with all the online games in the past, they used 
beta's. Even with the UT2K4 beta's etc (to stay on topic :P )

And as a linux user myself, i tried the beta too (for our game server 
hosting platform) but it wont run stable as expected. It drops new 
connections after respawning a new round. Its avery populair beta demo 
already, if you start a server then within a minute it is full of players. 
90% of the servers in the server browser are not working. Everyone is 
testing and it fails a lot. A lot communities are overwhelmed with posts 
about UT3 server. So far as i read and tried, i think the releasedate in 
november is to close to fix all the bugs found at this demo. Developers have 
a lot of work to do this last days till the real launch of the game.

Personaly i expect a launch delay.

They cant release it in its current state. gets a bad image i think.

Anyway, developers, go for it, make a lot ppl happy :)


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