[ut3] Linux dedicated server for beta demo now available!

[FnG] Lambik fng.lambik at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 10:39:00 EDT 2007

I am considering in upgrading the server,
the choice is  "AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+", or "AMD Athlon 64 3700+" , is
either of 'em suitable to run UT3 Demo on ?
Which distribution is recommended to run UT3 on ? Debian (or Debian based
like Ubuntu), OpenSuSE or FedoraCore ?


On 10/15/07, Loibisch <loibisch at clanci.net> wrote:
> Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> > It's built with -march=pentium4 -mtune=pentium4 -msse2 -mfpmath=sse
> > ... so it will use generic instructions that were only available on
> > P4-level hardware, and sse2 for all math operations.
> >
> > If you're still on Pentium III level hardware, it's time to upgrade.
> I think you should consider putting out another (less optimized) build
> for those people running Athlon XP (or MP) systems. There's no reason
> why it shouldn't work without the SSE2 routines unless you used some of
> them using inline assembler code.
> Saying an Athlon XP is "Pentium III level" is quite harsh (and not
> true). While it may be lacking SSE2 it's actually a far advanced
> technology when compared directly.
> Just saying this because you will probably put off a lot of people who
> don't have the time, money or energy to upgrade their old box.
> That being said: please also keep the optimized builds. :)
> Cheers,
> Loibisch
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