[ut3] Why?

[FnG] Lambik fng.lambik at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 16:08:23 EDT 2007

to be honest I am not that impressed aswell,
it looks like they have dust it off a bit,
some new graphics and done..
hopefully the 'real' thing show more core changes...
I do like the sniper being back

Only need the linux version for server purposes....


On 10/13/07, Daniel Collins <solemnwarning at solemnwarning.net> wrote:
> I've just been playing the windows release of the demo and one thing
> comes to mind.....
> How the HELL did they make such a pile of sh*t from UT2004?!
> The console is on @ instead of ` now, making it impossible to register
> without copy/paste from elsewhere
> They removed dodge jumping
> The graphics are pixelated like hell
> Weapons are overpowered stupidly
> And there's probably far more wrong with it...
> Are they TRYING to alienate all the players away from it by turning it
> back into "classic" UT99??
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