[ut2004] Tiny problem

psb154 at tiscali.co.uk psb154 at tiscali.co.uk
Mon May 21 03:37:15 EDT 2007

I believe I have the same problem:
In game, suddenly I am looking at a spinning sky or at the ground. It 
takes a few seconds to get my bearings again, by which time an opponent 
has normally turned me to mush.

I have had the same problem with PS/2 and USB optical mouses.

In my case I am wondering if it could it be:
During the game, the optical mouse lifts up off of the mat and so 
produces a chaotic signal (for-want-of-a-better-term).


Ketzerei/Deafmonkey wrote:
> Well, its neither of those because everytime I plug in my 
> mouse/keyboard etc. I pretty much jam the connectors in the sockets. 
> I've blown out the connections a few times two because our house is 
> really dusty. And it can't be anything wrong with the mouse because 
> i've used it on like 3 different computers and it worked fine. Someone 
> told me that I should check if my kernel is capped at (X)hz and 
> recompile it but I don't know how and want to do it. I've been 
> thinking its my xorg file or my driver in general because its a game 
> only thing, it doesn't happen on the net or on my desktop.
> On 5/19/07, *Zachary Williams* <admin at ztnet.com 
> <mailto:admin at ztnet.com>> wrote:
>     That sounds to me like a control issue.
>     If you use a wireless keyboard and / or mouse, check your
>     batteries, and check the location of your receiver.  Otherwise,
>     check your connections.
>     I've had similar issues, where a key will get 'stuck', and it's
>     almost always when my wireless keyboard signal is getting messed
>     up, or gets too weak due to weak batts.
>     Zach
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>         Ok, well, after awhile I got ut to run. It runs almost
>         flawlessly and MUCH faster than windows. I've messed with the
>         settings and done various other recommended tweaks to my
>         system to get my video to run perfectly, but one problem i've
>         had since the start (this happens with ALL of my games, not
>         just ut2004) is that the screen will flicker and my view will
>         shoot skyward or too the ground and I have to re-press w to
>         continue going forward. This only happens like once every 5-10
>         minutes so it's not a huge irritation, but if I could learn
>         how to fix it, that'd be appreciated. Here's my specs: ATI
>         RADEON x1600 card, AMD sempron +3600 ( 1.8 gh), MSI K9N Nero
>         board, 512 mb ram, Ubuntu feisty Gnome and Xfce, 80 gb hd. As
>         you can see, I obviously can run it fine.

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