hit-hit-hitching on debian etch

Abram B Olson schwarzgerat at gmail.com
Thu May 3 12:01:52 EDT 2007

Ok so now that I can play the game I've found that it is hitching like
crazy. I'm using the stock debian kernel for etch, I've tried both the
nvidia 97.55 and 100.14.03 drivers and my hardware is this:

core2 duo E6400
asus p5b
2 gigs ddr2 6400
nvidia 8800gts
on-board audio
1280x1024 native resolution lcd

It happens regardless of the settings in game. It feels like the game
just isn't responding for a fraction of a second.

I've played ut2004 in linux many times before and I've never seen it do

Anyone have any suggestions for things to look at that might be causing


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