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This is not for the faint of heart.  You will need to be compiling your own kernel, to modify this setting.  Or, see if your distro has a 1000hz pre-compiled kernel.  

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  Ummmmmm.... how would I do that? Specifically, where do I edit?

  On 4/30/07, Alex Boag-Munroe <boagenator at gmail.com> wrote: 
    Check your kernel config, you need the kernel timer set to 1000Hz to play a game like UT2K4 and not have the system lag behind. 

    On 30/04/07, Peter Hoff < petehoff at pacbell.net > wrote: 
      Don't know if there's anything to be done about the map thing. That used to happen to me, too. Maybe downloading all the maps you can find so it doesn't have to download them from the server? Dunno, just an idea. 

      The second thing could be a video issue. Maybe try reinstalling or updating your video drivers. Or it might be that your video card is overheating. You could get a can of compressed air and blow all the dust bunnies out of your machine. 

      The last one could be due to your mouse. Sometimes my mouse wheel gets stuck between points on the roller and things get crazy as it tries to decide what's going on. 

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      Ok, I'm not sure if it's my comp, or the game, but (this is only in Instant action) the game will spend like 20 minutes loading a map while all the other maps before that loaded fine. It's not one specific map either. Also, the game will randomly lag for like half a second every 3 seconds for like a minute. And, (yes there's a lot to this) the view will occasionally sputter and cause me to look either straight up or down instantaniously. Dunno if it's me or what, but if you have a suggestion, please tell me. 

    Alex Boag-Munroe

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