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Sat Jun 16 15:43:41 EDT 2007

You need to enable opengl vsync.  This can be done by adding Option
"Coolbits"          "1" to the nvidia driver section in your xorg.conf file
then running nvidia-settings, going to the OpenGL settings part and ticking
Sync to VBlank.  This will lock your framerate to your monitor refresh rate
which prevents tearing and artifacts during play anyway.

That is probably why it is constant in windows because vsync is enabled on
the directx driver.

On 16/06/07, Frozen Wastz <frozen.wastz at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the replies, my connection to the servers is very good 16-20ms.
> I'm actually the admin on the servers where i play ( unreal.ie) so if
> needs be i can try server side settings also. Most of the gaming is TAM so
> it tends to be DM type maps, although playing ONS on pubs with good and bad
> pings has no impact. Turning on full AA and AF makes no difference, nor does
> turning all the settings to low, it still behaves in the same fashion. I
> generally play at 1280*1024 with a fov of 97 but again even playing 1024*768
> has had no noticeable impact.
>   I'll give the latest beta drivers a go to see if it helps but i'm
> currently on the latest drivers and generally keep up to date with them in
> case it might help. One of the others with the same problem is running on a
> 7800GT and our fps are very comparable when we play together, so much so
> that if its driver specific then i would think its some general setting for
> all nvidia drivers. We have similar pings but different isp's, and we also
> use different distros, namely gentoo and ubuntu.
>    All I'm really trying to accomplish here is to get it to stay somewhat
> stable a fluctuation. A few fps either way wouldn't be a problem but 20-30
> fps is painful. I understand that its capped, and why, and im not really
> interested in playing at 200+fps online (although it would be nice). I
> really just need some stability in my life right now :)
> Thanks again for the responses, I'll go try them out and see if it makes a
> difference.
> Regards
> Frozen
> On 6/16/07, Ryan C. Gordon <icculus at icculus.org> wrote:
> >
> >
> > > At the moment i can play quite well with my fps however it fluctuates
> > > between 50 fps and 83. I have tried various things including the
> > > netspeed 20000 netspeed 10001 trick, which gives me up to 130 fps, but
> > > again dropping to 50 fps from time to time. Off-line i can get up to
> > > 400fps and in windows (when i have tried it) and on-line it runs at
> > > 83fps constantly. This would be quite acceptable in Linux if i could
> > > just get it to stay constant.
> >
> > Framerate of net games is clamped, that's not a Linux-specific issue.
> >
> > There's a reason why it does that, but it's wasn't exactly the best
> > design decision.
> >
> > --ryan.
> >
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