UT2k4 frame limiting with online play

Peter Raymond Fetterer prfetterer at capitol-college.edu
Fri Jul 21 18:52:29 EDT 2006

I have been playing UT2K4 on linux since it was avalible.  I have recently
got a Nvidia 7800 GS. I have noticed that when I play a game (gametype dosn't
matter) by my self, I get a real nice frame rate of 100 -> 300 fps depending on
whats going on. But when I play online my frame rate gets limited to 64 FPS and
lags like crazzy... won't go any higher.. I have checked with the ussualy
sucspects like vsync flags in the nvidia tools, and UseVSync=false in the
UT2004.ini file.. Any other hints from fellow linux gamers, Or is this something
thats just part of the game on linux.

Peter Fetterer
Everything linux, electronics, and Ham Radio

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