[ut2004] UT2004 and Nvidia Twinview

Jordan Thoms jords at shadowservices.biz
Mon Jul 17 21:09:04 EDT 2006

I fixed my metamodes, and that fixed the problem.

But the game crashed after 5  minutes or so on linux as well as windows.
Same error message too! (something about checkwithterrain). But i searched
around and found it happens if your bios memory settings are wrong, so i set
down my memory hertz speed and that's fixed the problem - running happily
now :D. I'm getting reminded of just how good ut2004 is :D.

On 7/18/06, Dave Wickam <dave at allaboutgames.co.uk> wrote:
> Alex Boag-Munroe wrote:
> > But how does that work if your desktop is typically running at
> > 1600x1200 as well?  I see in your configuration there you have two
> > 1600x1200 options...does that just "work"(tm) ?
> To X, the "1600x1200, 1024x768" metamode is actually 2624x1200, IIRC;
> thus with my MetaModes line, I had the option of setting 2624x1200,
> 1600x1200, or 1024x768 via xrandr. For more info on MetaModes, look at
> Appendix G of the nvidia README.
> --Dave Wickham

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