kernel tickrate (Hz) and server tickrate

Thetargos Fal thetargos at
Tue Jan 17 17:09:21 EST 2006

    I was wondering what would the relation be of server tickrate and
kernel-side tickrate when you have for example a 4-way server box and
are running two or more instances of a game server with high tickrate
and a system's hardare tickrate (Hz) of say 1000?

Apparently people with recent kernel builds have been benefitting from a
higher kernel-side tickrate than the stock 250 Hz (as of 2.6.13 and up)
on game servers. How do these two items relate and how beneficial (to
the server) it would be to have high system tickrate and low-latency
voluntary kernel-preemption enabled? What bout higher server tickrates?

Thank you in advance for any pointers.

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