Question abaout bugsystem

Simon Schäfer SirTwist at
Mon Dec 11 20:14:34 EST 2006

Hi there
a little question about the bugzilla from UT2006. Where is it? do you still 
support ut2004?
I would like to open a bug report for ut2004 client (3369) its not a major 
problem only one of the features is acting strange.

The integrated audioplayer (F11 per default) isn't working for me. I'm not 
able to enter a directory, not by clicking nor by entering the full path by 
my own. It would be cool if you could fix that.

Greetz Simon

System Specs:
Gentoo Linux running on an 
AMD64 X2 (using the ut2004-64 binary)
Geforce 7900 GT
2GB Ram
and the mp3 files are on a mounted nfs share

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