[ut2004] UT2004 on AMD64... no go

Dean Hamstead dean at bong.com.au
Thu Oct 20 04:02:00 EDT 2005

i have a couple of stack traces but even bziped they are
too large to post (ie 1.5mb)

it does seem like ut is doing someting wrong.

can i send them to some people to look into


jacob at gnu.org wrote:
> don't forget your normal debuggin tools
> try ldd ut2004-bin-linux-amd64 to make sure it's getting dynamically linked 
> against the libraries it should be linked against
> also, you can run strace -f -o /tmp/ut2004-strace ut2004-bin-linux-amd64
> and then look at the  /tmp/ut2004-strace for errors. 
> ~jacob

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