[ut2004] still no love with ut2004 amd64

Jordan Thoms shadowservices at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 04:45:18 EST 2005

Origional porter was Icculus, his site is

His email address is icculus at clutteredmind.org.

Don't really know anything about the crash but if he can't help i don't know
who will :(

On 11/4/05, Dean Hamstead <dean at bong.com.au> wrote:
> i just wondering if it would be possible that ut2004
> is crashing because my system is somehow too fast.
> what a stupid idea? you say.
> well for those who care ut2004 freezes or reboots
> the system just as the opengl fires up. every time.
> no ut2004.log no kernel errors nothing. just
> blank screen bios.
> ive straced and gdb is useless (as the system reboots)
> this happens with both ut2004 32bit and 64bit
> (in full 32bit env and full 64bit env)
> now, interestingly. sometimes with stracing
> ut2004, it does load successfully. and works
> fine (windowed 640x480 for now)
> i running an amd64 4000+ with 1 gig of ram
> and striped 10k rpm sata drives. quake 3 loads
> like ive never seen before. so fast its out of
> control totally.
> now im thinking that strace might be slowing
> things down enough to keep something in alignment.
> this constent crash has happened with 2.6.11
> 2.6.12 and now 2.6.14 with 1.0-7676 (+ patches
> from nv forums) and happens every time i start
> ut2004
> ut2004 is a clean install from the original
> disc. it crashes. so i dropped on the ECE
> (from tar.bz2) and then the 3355 patch.
> interestingly software works (in 32bit. its
> not part of 64 bit).
> does the original ut2004 porter listen to this
> list?
> Dean
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