still no love with ut2004 amd64

Dean Hamstead dean at
Thu Nov 3 19:33:46 EST 2005

i just wondering if it would be possible that ut2004
is crashing because my system is somehow too fast.

what a stupid idea? you say.

well for those who care ut2004 freezes or reboots
the system just as the opengl fires up. every time.
no ut2004.log no kernel errors nothing. just
blank screen bios.

ive straced and gdb is useless (as the system reboots)

this happens with both ut2004 32bit and 64bit
(in full 32bit env and full 64bit env)

now, interestingly. sometimes with stracing
ut2004, it does load successfully. and works
fine (windowed 640x480 for now)

i running an amd64 4000+ with 1 gig of ram
and striped 10k rpm sata drives. quake 3 loads
like ive never seen before. so fast its out of
control totally.

now im thinking that strace might be slowing
things down enough to keep something in alignment.

this constent crash has happened with 2.6.11
2.6.12 and now 2.6.14 with 1.0-7676 (+ patches
from nv forums) and happens every time i start

ut2004 is a clean install from the original
disc. it crashes. so i dropped on the ECE
(from tar.bz2) and then the 3355 patch.

interestingly software works (in 32bit. its
not part of 64 bit).

does the original ut2004 porter listen to this

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ICQ: 16867613

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