[ut2004] Accelerated openal for emu10k1 based soundblaster

Rick B zajelo3 at cfl.rr.com
Sat May 28 23:49:45 EDT 2005

Corey Hickey wrote:

>Rick B wrote:
>>    I was wondering if someone could instruct me on the best was to 
>>compile this. Previously I have just unzipped and cd to 
>>"openal-alsa-emu10k1-1.2/src" issued the "make" command and took the 
>>resulting libopenal.so.0.1.2 changed the name to openal.so and put in 
>>the ut2004/System folder, but it sounds bad.
>Do you mean that the audio sounds bad when you use that driver? Could
>you elaborate? When I use it on my system there are two very minor bugs:
>1. In the menu, when I roll the mouse over a button the little beep
>sound has a slight click near the end.
>2. When I return to the main menu after playing a game, after a few
>seconds about one second of the last game's music will play, and then
>the usual ut2004 menu music returns.
    Yes I'm getting the click on mouse over thing and also when playing 
the game the 1st half seconf of voip from other players will loop for as 
long as thier trying to talk. But none of this is major, I just thought 
I did something wrong when I installed it, which apparently I didnt. 
Thanks everyone for the help.

                         Rick B
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