[ut2004] Accelerated openal for emu10k1 based soundblaster

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml at fatooh.org
Sat May 28 22:18:13 EDT 2005

Rick B wrote:
>     I was wondering if someone could instruct me on the best was to 
> compile this. Previously I have just unzipped and cd to 
> "openal-alsa-emu10k1-1.2/src" issued the "make" command and took the 
> resulting libopenal.so.0.1.2 changed the name to openal.so and put in 
> the ut2004/System folder, but it sounds bad.

Do you mean that the audio sounds bad when you use that driver? Could
you elaborate? When I use it on my system there are two very minor bugs:

1. In the menu, when I roll the mouse over a button the little beep
sound has a slight click near the end.

2. When I return to the main menu after playing a game, after a few
seconds about one second of the last game's music will play, and then
the usual ut2004 menu music returns.


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