[ut2004] Accelerated openal for emu10k1 based soundblaster

Rick B zajelo3 at cfl.rr.com
Sat May 28 23:43:13 EDT 2005

Aaron Gyes wrote:

>On Sat, 2005-05-28 at 00:11 -0400, Rick B wrote:
>>    I was wondering if someone could instruct me on the best was to 
>>compile this. Previously I have just unzipped and cd to 
>>"openal-alsa-emu10k1-1.2/src" issued the "make" command and took the 
>>resulting libopenal.so.0.1.2 changed the name to openal.so and put in 
>>the ut2004/System folder, but it sounds bad. Am I doing something 
>>wrong?  Also I seem to get some errors during the build here's what it 
>>looks like:
>You aren't getting errors. If the word "-Werror" is scaring you, don't
>worry. You're just seeing the options that are being passed to GCC. As
>far as how you install it, you're doing the best thing possible pretty
>much, since ut2004-bin won't look anywhere else. Make sure to set up a
>speakers file if you want surround sound.
>Aaron Gyes
Ok, yes that what I was talking about, the "Werror" thing. That's good 
to know that I didnt do anything wrong. Thanks.

                   Rick B
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