[ut2004] ECE Bonus Pack creates problems

Jules Chianelli giuliano at rogers.com
Wed Mar 16 23:35:46 EST 2005

Try seeing what  file is giving you the ReadFile beyond EOF  and delete that 
file.  I had the same issue with a custom map, I could not install it, so I 
just deleted all the files that came in the Zip pack and it ran fine 
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Subject: [ut2004] ECE Bonus Pack creates problems

> Hello there.  I recently purchased the 2 disc DVD edition of Unreal 
> Tournament 2004.  After installing it, it ran fine.  Then I patched it to 
> 3323 and it still ran fine.  Then I installed the ECE Bonus Pack and when 
> I try to run it, I get the splash screen, and then it crashes with this 
> error message:
> ReadFile beyond EOF 0+4/0
> History:
> Exiting due to error
> I then installed the 3355 patch over the top of that, and I still get the 
> same error message when I try to run it.  By the way, I'm running the 
> 64-bit version.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.  Thank 
> you.
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