[ut2004] Multi-arch binaries (was Re: [ut2004] ./ut2004-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5)

Guy Hutchison ghutchis at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 17:02:46 EDT 2005

On 6/22/05, Douglas Wade Needham <cinnion at ka8zrt.com> wrote:
> Methinks?  SCA?
Nope, I just like to mix things up a bit.  But I do read more fantasy
than is probably healthy.  :)

> I will start off by agreeing that a single disk is cheap when compared
> to many programmer hourly rates.  Even at my most favorable rate, an
> hour of time could easily buy me a nice drive, and depending on what

WD 250GB Hard Drive for only $99.99. While Supplies Last - Buy!
^^^ The sponsored link that showed up next to this email...

> 1) As a programmer or company, would I rather have hundreds of more
>    customers buy the product, or would I rather have them decide not
>    to buy it because they would rather not buy yet another drive.

True, I would not want a customer to decide not to install something
because of disk space.  But I think that's a bit extreme in this case.
 I doubt you would find a customer who would say "oh, a 700M install
is fine, but 710M?  Forget it, I'll go buy Quake4 instead."

>    And yes, 10% seems like nothing.  But remember that it can add up.

Er, not really...  You have no more than 2 architectures that you
would be supporting for the Mac, or for any machine in a transition
period.  The worst it can do is double in size.

> 2) With decent install/packaging tools, very little developer time
>    should be needed. 

Perhaps I should point out my bias...  I work in chip verification.  I
tend to favor solutions that have already been tested and debugged
over ones that require new coding, no matter how simple.

But mostly I replied because I think Ryan will do what makes sense for
him and for Epic, and that by and large we should be happy that he
talks to us at all, rather than try and tell him how to do his job...

- Guy

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