[ut2004] ./ut2004-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5

Douglas Wade Needham cinnion at ka8zrt.com
Wed Jun 22 12:32:02 EDT 2005

Hey Ryan,

Suggestion on supporting the multiple Mac platforms (coming from my
experience of working with a similar setup on an embedded environment
on nearly identical PPC and x86 processors).  Rather than
shipping a UT executable which is multi-platform, why not just have
the installer detect the HW and install either a PPC or x86 binary.
It will save some disk and probably have other positive performance
impacts as well.

- Doug/Spacey

Quoting Ryan C. Gordon (icculus at clutteredmind.org):
> > Ahh!! Thanks for the clarification!! Do you have any estimated date as 
> > of when will Epic and yourself beging porting UE3 over (to Darwin [MacOS 
> > X] and Linux)?
> Already began.
> > And if you don't mind my asking, how does it affect the 
> > port the switch of Apple from PPC to x86? (sorry to be going even 
> > further off topic, I swear it's my last question... in this matter in 
> > this thread).
> Doesn't really affect anything. The irony is that we actually have a lot
> of good PowerPC optimizations in UE3 that UT2004 didn't have, thanks to
> the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 ports, just in time to move to x86.
> Either way, we'll have to ship a Universal Binary for at least UT2007
> and Gears of War, since we'll definitely want to support the new x86
> chips going forward, and presumably the high-end G5s will be able to
> play, too. G3s will refuse to run the game (I'm just not interested in
> supporting non-Altivec codepaths anymore, and the best of these chips
> are just underpowered for UE3 anyhow), and if we're really lucky, we'll
> be able to kill G4 support by the time these ship, too.
> Nothing's definite at this point, though, including which of these games
> are strictly console and which are PC/Mac, I think. I'm just looking at
> the engine itself still.
> UnrealEngine2 (UT2004, ArmyOps, Postal 2, etc) will continue to run on
> PowerPC systems, and I already have UT2004 running on the Intel Macs, so
> we'll patch as many existing games as we reasonably can for the new
> systems, too.
> --ryan.

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