[ut2004] speed of loading maps

Pollywog linux at shadypond.com
Sun Feb 27 19:19:03 EST 2005

On Monday 28 February 2005 12:10 am, augustus at linuxhardware.org wrote:
> Definately not memory related.  One system has 1GB and the other has 2GB.
> Kernel 2.6.10.
> This one gets me because only UT-based games act up.  For example, Enemy
> Territory and Doom 3 run fine.  ArmyOps only has slow load times.  UT2004
> has slow load times and it glitches out some during the game.
> What I see happening during map loads is that UT or AA complete use up all
> processor and saturate the system.  Once the game starts things go back to
> normal for the most part.  I wonder what the UT engine could be doing that
> other games/programs aren't.  Any ideas Ryan?

Enemy Territory runs fine on my machine and since my Windows partition broke 
when I installed Debian over Xandros, I decided to try Cedega again in order 
to see if games like Bridge Commander and Elite Force II will even install.  
I had to use Point2Play but I got Elite Force II to install.  Bridge 
Commander crashes during installation.  Elite Force II actually runs now and 
although it has a few problems, it is playable.  I can change servers, but 
when I exit (try to exit) the program, the screen freezes.  I had tried 
Cedega using Point2Play just a few months ago and could not get the game to 
install, though Bridge Commander did install then but would not actually run.

Neither of these games is being worked on by Transgaming, so I think just the 
general improvements to Cedega are making a difference.   The fact that my 
Windows games run on Windows without any problems makes me think I have 
enough memory even with only 256MB RAM, for ut2004 to run well, it just 
doesn't run that well when the maps change or at the beginning of a game.  It 
takes 2 or 3 minutes for me to actually be in the game.


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