[ut2004] Mono Music

Aaron Gyes floam at sh.nu
Sun Feb 27 02:15:38 EST 2005

On Sat, 2005-02-26 at 23:16 -0600, Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
> Aaron Gyes wrote:

> Yes that OpenAL is very good for emu10k1 based cards... If you are using 
> ALSA CVS with your card, you don't have to worry anymore about the 
> number of voices, you can leave at the default value of 32 as the driver 
> in CVS has a patch applied to expose all PCM subdevices in emu10k1 based 
> cards.

Yep. I've been using Lee's multichannel patch ever since he started
posting it to this alsa-devel list. It's great.

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