[ut2004] speed of loading maps

augustus at linuxhardware.org augustus at linuxhardware.org
Sat Feb 26 23:19:20 EST 2005

I confirm that I am having a weird problem on one of my systems.  It 
sounds very similar to the bug you are describing.  Odd thing is, it only 
happens on specific hardware.  i.e. If I run the same hard disk on two 
different machines, one has the problem and one doesn't.  It's odd and 
I've done many many many things to try and track this down with no luck. 
If you think you have a software fix, I'd love to see it as soon as you 
get a chance.

Kris Kersey (Augustus)
LinuxHardware.org Site Manager
augustus at linuxhardware.org
Gentoo Linux AMD64 Developer
augustus at gentoo.org

On Sat, 26 Feb 2005, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

>> But now I have the full version, with the lastest path, and the maps take 
>> at least 1 minute to load.
> Hmm...looks like the bug reappeared, then.  :/
> --ryan.

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