[ut2004] Mono Music

Spike spike at spykes.net
Sat Feb 26 16:10:48 EST 2005

Heh, yeah, tho that doesnt seem to work here, I had to manually edit
the source for it to use 2 channels for al_ALCHANNELS instead of 1, but
the end result was the same, nice stereo music (woah!), and chipmunk
speed sound effects, like a capgun going off when you shoot rockets.

My guess is that the sound effects come through the same part as the
music, but one would assume the music would come through in stereo. It
must get mixed to mono somewheres along the line since its stereo to
begin with. It would be nice if there was an easy fix.


On Sat, 26 Feb 2005 15:43:17 -0500
Kris Vorwerk <kris at vorwerk.ca> wrote:

> > I been messing around with OpenAL for this problem as well, and in
> > al_main.c, I forced it to 2 channels instead of mono, and I indeed got
> > stereo sound in my music, but sound effects then played like chipmunk
> > speeds. Argh, gain one thing, lose another. I'm not much of a coder, if
> > I was, i'd actually fix this. :-)
> I believe that you can adjust the number of speakers by modifying your
> ".openalrc" file.... There was a thread about this on this mailing list
> a few months ago.
> By adjusting the parameters in the "rc" file, I was able to get what
> sounded like stereo sound for the music, but the frequency of sound
> effects was shifted into "chipmunk range".  When a few Google searches
> revealed nothing, I gave up.
> Kris

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