[ut2004] Mono Music

Kris Vorwerk kris at vorwerk.ca
Sat Feb 26 15:43:17 EST 2005

> I been messing around with OpenAL for this problem as well, and in
> al_main.c, I forced it to 2 channels instead of mono, and I indeed got
> stereo sound in my music, but sound effects then played like chipmunk
> speeds. Argh, gain one thing, lose another. I'm not much of a coder, if
> I was, i'd actually fix this. :-)

I believe that you can adjust the number of speakers by modifying your
".openalrc" file.... There was a thread about this on this mailing list
a few months ago.

By adjusting the parameters in the "rc" file, I was able to get what
sounded like stereo sound for the music, but the frequency of sound
effects was shifted into "chipmunk range".  When a few Google searches
revealed nothing, I gave up.


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