[ut2004] speed of loading maps

Pollywog linux at shadypond.com
Sat Feb 26 14:24:02 EST 2005

On Saturday 26 February 2005 12:26 pm, João Eduardo wrote:
> That is happening for me too.
> I had the UT2004 demo, and the loading time was really fast, I was
> always the first to load the map and be on the serv.
> But now I have the full version, with the lastest path, and the maps
> take at least 1 minute to load.
> I have Debian, 512 RAM, Athlon XP 1500 MHZ, Nvidia FX5200, KDE, Kernel

Do you play with the play disk in the CD drive?  I tried that after I 
installed the Community Bonus Packs and the game runs better though the disk 
does not seem to be accessed.  I am going to experiment with this some more

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