[ut2004] speed of loading maps

João Eduardo joaoedu at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 07:26:45 EST 2005

That is happening for me too.

I had the UT2004 demo, and the loading time was really fast, I was 
always the first to load the map and be on the serv.

But now I have the full version, with the lastest path, and the maps 
take at least 1 minute to load.

I have Debian, 512 RAM, Athlon XP 1500 MHZ, Nvidia FX5200, KDE, Kernel

See Ya.

Gian Paolo Mureddu escreveu:

> Your setup looks fine, albeit a bit more memory would not hurt ;)
> I was refering to the software configuration... Though reading the 
> other replies, this seems to actually be a problem with the patch.
> Pollywog wrote:
>> On Friday 25 February 2005 10:54 pm, Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
>>> Pollywog wrote:
>>>> Is it normal for maps to take 3-5 minutes to load in Linux?  I don't
>>>> believe I ever played this game in Windows but I did play UT2 in 
>>>> Windows
>>>> and I don't recall that it took that long.  When I play on servers, 
>>>> games
>>>> are well underway by the time I can get into the game.
>>>> 8)
>>> Hmm, nope... that's not normal and there was a time that this was a bug
>>> in the game... I can't say for sure that this bug has been
>>> resurrected... I don't currently have UT2004 installed in my system
>>> (lack the space for it), so I have no way to check if this is your 
>>> setup
>>> or indeed that same bug.
>> I recall the bug was fixed to where it took 2 or 3 minutes for my 
>> game to load maps, but maybe it is back.
>> I installed the game first, then the ECE followed by the latest 
>> patch, then CBP1.  I have not installed the CBP2 yet.  Perhaps I just 
>> have cheap hardware or not enough memory.  I have 256MB RAM and I am 
>> running the game in KDE with all apps closed.  My video card uses the 
>> Nvidia drivers and has 128MB of memory.  I have a 550MB swap 
>> partition and my machine has Intel Pentium4.
>> It's probably time to buy a new machine though this one is only 3 yrs 
>> old.  It came with a Debian derivative installed and was built by 
>> Microtel.
>> 8)
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