[ut2004] speed of loading maps

Pollywog linux at shadypond.com
Fri Feb 25 19:34:20 EST 2005

On Friday 25 February 2005 11:59 pm, Paul E. Rybski wrote:
> Hi,
>   I've encountered this problem as well.  When signing on to a
> public server, I typically have to wait a few minutes before the map
> finally loads.  Admittedly, it's nice for a quick bathroom break, but it's
> not so fun if you want to be there for the start of the match.  Even
> loading on single player sometimes takes a minute or so.

Single player is much the same for me, I can go get something to eat and when 
I return to the computer 4 minutes later, the came is just saying "play".  I 
think it's probably my hardware, since not many people have this problem.  
The MS Windows users tell me they do not have this problem.

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