[ut2004] where do I get CBP2 and ECE?

Pollywog linux at shadypond.com
Fri Feb 25 12:18:26 EST 2005

On Friday 25 February 2005 05:09 pm, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> Pollywog wrote:
> >>CBP2:
> >>volume 1:
> >>http://beyondunreal.factoryunreal.com/geeks/ut2004/bonuspacks/cbp2-volume
> >>1_ zip.zip md5sum: 53dd8bfa1976a93d2a98dab99d23a5ad
> >>
> >>volume 2:
> >>http://beyondunreal.factoryunreal.com/geeks/ut2004/bonuspacks/cbp2-volume
> >>2_ zip.zip md5sum: 231531946eac9c19b9f7b7c04a7a44d8
> >>speed 100-350 KB/sec
> >
> > md5sum cbp2-volume2_zip.zip
> > c4bc4d344b28a3c822d3a9bb2da48817  cbp2-volume2_zip.zip
> >
> > I downloaded this one twice and got the same md5sum, which is different
> > from the one you gave in your post.
> Here are the md5sums that I have for my copies of the CBP2. They are
> exactly the same as the original poster's and different from yours. I
> believe I downloaded both of them from BeyondUnreal's Finland mirror.
> 53dd8bfa1976a93d2a98dab99d23a5ad  cbp2-volume1_zip.zip
> 231531946eac9c19b9f7b7c04a7a44d8  cbp2-volume2_zip.zip

The md5sums for the other two files were the same as those you gave.
I am downloading the file now from Fileshack after checking my passwords list 
and finding that accounts are free and I already have one.  It will be 
interesting to see if the md5sum matches either yours or the one I got for 
the file I downloaded last night.



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