[ut2004] ut2004 ECE available on CD's?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Wed Feb 23 18:23:25 EST 2005

Pollywog wrote:
> I am no longer able to install the game on my Xandros system because 
> installation fails with the same file on CD #2.  I am going to try buying 
> another set of CD's, this time the ECE version, but it seems as though ECE is 
> available only on DVD and I don't have a DVD drive.  Does anyone know if the 
> ECE product is DVD only?

We did a CD version of it, too. However:

There seems to be a lot of Linux users having problems with installs 
that are fixed by turning off SCSI emulation, or turning it on. I think 
this is a kernel issue that is only exposed when moving lots of data 
through the CD subsystem.

You might want to try making .isos and installing from them before 
buying a new copy; your disc may not be bad at all.


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