[ut2004] ut2004 ECE available on CD's?

Jules Chianelli giuliano at rogers.com
Tue Feb 22 16:47:55 EST 2005

Before you buy a new cd set, try another linux distro.  If you have a ATI 
video card I would try Lorma-Linux and if you have a Nvidia video card, try 
PClinuxOS.  Both are free distros and have the synaptic package manger for 
easy software installing and updating.  I found that ATI cards work great on 
Lorma-Linux (I have an ATI 9000 Pro and it works great on UT2004) and Nvidia 
Cards work excellent on PClinuxOS after you install the Nvidia Drivers (FX 
5200 card I had working excellent on UT2004 with PClinuxOS).

I hope this can save you some $$$ and agrevation
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Subject: [ut2004] ut2004 ECE available on CD's?

>I am no longer able to install the game on my Xandros system because
> installation fails with the same file on CD #2.  I am going to try buying
> another set of CD's, this time the ECE version, but it seems as though ECE 
> is
> available only on DVD and I don't have a DVD drive.  Does anyone know if 
> the
> ECE product is DVD only?
> thanks

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