[ut2004] 3369 Crash

David Wood obsidian at panix.com
Fri Dec 16 16:39:39 EST 2005

The OOM killer is part of the kernel. This is not a problem with UT.

To disable it, I would suggest using google to look for the relevant 
references... Haven't had to do it myself (cause I don't enable it in 
kernels I build) or I would have more specific advice.

On Fri, 16 Dec 2005, Matthew Arnold wrote:

> Spike wrote:
>> Probably the OOM killer at work. Check /var/log/messages.
>> Probably might wanna see how much ram the game is using as well.
> I don't know if it got lost in the transition or not so I'll repeat my 
> question: is this a problem with the current ut2004 patch or a problem with 
> my 2.6.13 kernel? Either way, how do I fix it?
> Thanks,
>  Matt

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