[ut2004] 3369 Crash

Spike spike at spykes.net
Fri Dec 16 15:18:44 EST 2005

I'm not aware of any OOM problems with the kernel lately.
It's possible the patch is using more memory then it used to.
I've seen this happen alot when people been using the -ck patch
and not adjusting the swap percentage mapping correctly but I doubt
that's whats happening here. You could try closing other things that
use alot of ram before you play perhaps.


On Fri, 16 Dec 2005 14:11:20 -0600
Matthew Arnold <marnold at ez-net.com> wrote:

> Spike wrote:
> > Probably the OOM killer at work. Check /var/log/messages.
> > Probably might wanna see how much ram the game is using as well.
> I don't know if it got lost in the transition or not so I'll repeat my 
> question: is this a problem with the current ut2004 patch or a problem 
> with my 2.6.13 kernel? Either way, how do I fix it?
> Thanks,
>    Matt

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