[ut2004] Manual Install

Josh Goodwin josh at crache.org
Wed Sep 15 01:44:56 EDT 2004

Didn't seem to work, i'm wondering if i burn each subdirectories contents to a 
cdr, and run the install script will it work? Don't put too much effort into 
this if I have to I will just order a new dvd drive, but this one was quite 
old and I don't have a great need for one.

mount -t iso9660 -r -o loop unreal.iso /mnt
SETUP_CDROM=/mnt /mnt/linux-installer.sh
Copying to a temporary location...
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing Unreal Tournament 2004 for GNU/Linux 
mount: mount point /mnt/cdrom does not exist
mount: mount point /mnt/cdrom does not exist
Mutex destroy failure: Device or resource busy
(mounting the iso to /mnt/cdrom gives:
mount: No medium found
"Please mount the Unreal Tournament 2004 Play Disc CDROM.
Choose Yes to retry, No to cancel"

On Wednesday 15 September 2004 12:41 am, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> > When trying to install using the mounted iso, the installer complains.
> > Is there a way to manually  install? Thanks in advance,
> mount -t iso9660 -r -o loop ut2004.iso /mnt
> SETUP_CDROM=/mnt /mnt/linux-installer.sh
> The SETUP_CDROM environment variable tells the installer where the
> "disc" is mounted, in case it doesn't find it on its own.
> I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that your DVD drive really died,
> but for those leeching ISOs: you still need a valid cd key to play.
> --ryan.

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