[ut2004] Crashes in 3270-1 and 3323

Adar Dembo adar at stanford.edu
Tue Sep 14 13:31:08 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-14 at 10:21, Pollywog wrote:
> On 09/14/2004 05:01 pm, Adar Dembo wrote:
> >
> > Has anyone gotten any version of UT2k4 to work with NVIDIA 6111 and
> > kernel 2.6.8? I'm using the "kernel-source-2.6.8" package from Debian,
> > as well as the "nvidia-kernel-source" package from Debian, which
> > purports to be for version 6111. I compiled the kernel with make-kpkg,
> > meaning I did "make-kpkg modules_image kernel_image" which built both
> > the kernel and the NVIDIA drivers against it. Then I installed both the
> > drivers and the kernel, so, to answer a previous question, I did build
> > the drivers against this kernel.
> Did you install Debian with the 2.6 kernel option (bf26 I think it is called) 
> or did you install Debian and then upgrade the kernel?  I don't think the 
> latter way of doing it will work unless you know what you are doing.  I tried 
> it and I had problems with the Nvidia drivers, though I don't recall exactly 
> what the problems were.  Someone told me that if you install Debian Sarge 
> (you can download a Sarge image somewhere) with the bf26 option, everything 
> will work.

No, I installed Debian with a 2.4 kernel then upgraded to 2.6. And I
know what I'm doing, and it has always worked in the past. Before I took
a vacation this summer I was running a 2.6.5 kernel with an older set of
nvidia drivers, both compiled from source on my own machine, and UT2k4
worked fine. In fact, it worked out of the box, without any additional
tweaks of my own.

So, in short, there is no reason why installing ANY Debian system and
then re-compiling a 2.6 kernel should not work.


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