[ut2004] Crashes in 3270-1 and 3323

Pollywog linux at shadypond.com
Tue Sep 14 13:21:32 EDT 2004

On 09/14/2004 05:01 pm, Adar Dembo wrote:

> Has anyone gotten any version of UT2k4 to work with NVIDIA 6111 and
> kernel 2.6.8? I'm using the "kernel-source-2.6.8" package from Debian,
> as well as the "nvidia-kernel-source" package from Debian, which
> purports to be for version 6111. I compiled the kernel with make-kpkg,
> meaning I did "make-kpkg modules_image kernel_image" which built both
> the kernel and the NVIDIA drivers against it. Then I installed both the
> drivers and the kernel, so, to answer a previous question, I did build
> the drivers against this kernel.

Did you install Debian with the 2.6 kernel option (bf26 I think it is called) 
or did you install Debian and then upgrade the kernel?  I don't think the 
latter way of doing it will work unless you know what you are doing.  I tried 
it and I had problems with the Nvidia drivers, though I don't recall exactly 
what the problems were.  Someone told me that if you install Debian Sarge 
(you can download a Sarge image somewhere) with the bf26 option, everything 
will work.

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